Fanfiction: What Remains
I'm not sure whether anyone is still following this community, but just in case, here's my latest Dublin Murder Squad story, again springing off from The Likeness:

"What Remains" by Jae Gecko
Summary: What’s left for Justin ten years on from when Lexie died, with flashbacks.
Rating: Mature
Size: 40469 words

I'd love to hear from folks, either here or over there. :)

Fanfiction: Mother, I Climbed
I wrote a prequel for The Likeness from Grace Audrey Corrigan/Lexie Madison's point of view for this year's yuletide fanfiction gift exchange:

"Mother, I Climbed" by Jae Gecko
Summary: The making and unmaking of the second Lexie Madison.
Rating: Teen and up
Size: 16481 words

Feedback is adored!

The Secret Place excerpt online
Jamie: Hat & Glasses
At Tana's website:

Reviews of The Secret Place starting to pop up online...
Kara: reads
...and they're pretty glowing! Lots of comparisons to Donna Tartt's The Secret History (which is interesting because I thought that The Likeness was very much an homage to Secret History already). Here are the UK and US covers:

The Secret PlaceThe Secret Place US

 Here's the plot synopsis from Penguin:
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And here are a few links/words of praise:
"The Secret Place is a murder mystery, a psychological thriller and an examination of growing up all in one. It's pacy (even though it's more than 500 pages long), and it's a real page-turner. This is definitely the book that will break French out, and have everyone talking."

Read THE SECRET PLACE, by Tana French, when it comes out. You'll understand then. Great book.
"The narrative is poetic, but not in a way the no-nonsense characters would scoff at. There are beautiful insights into the mentalities of individuals, particularly when it comes to the close bond between a particular group of young friends. The dynamic between Moran and Conway is excellent too, and flows so perfectly you never doubt it for a moment. ... The Secret Place is something more than a throwaway crime thriller. There are many things about this novel, its language and its characters, that I'm certain will linger in my memory long after I have forgotten all about the crime element of the plot. "

fanfiction: if i knew where cover was
trek: team
Title: If I Knew Where Cover Was
Relationships: Cassie/Rob, some Lexie/Rob.
Summary: Cassie does her best Lexie. Lexie does her best Cassie. Rob tries to do his worst. Everyone has always had a few bluffs to be called, but Maddox needs no reminder of that.
Word Count: ~12300
Rating: M
Warning(s): Canon character death, potentially dubious consent.
Timeline/Spoiler Warning: Covers In the Woods through somewhere at the tail end of The Likeness; you could probably keep up having read TL and not ITW, but not vice versa. Non-linear, AU by the end.

[ART by skylar0grace]

Cold-Blooded Old Times: a Frank Mackey fanmix
trek: K/S
[for round 23 ("Character Study") @ waywardmixes]


All The Other Kids Are Sad Again: a Lexie Madison fanmix
trek: team
[for round 17 ("Minor Characters") @ waywardmixes]


fanfiction: some syllables
trek: team
Title: Some Syllables
(one-shot, 3770 words)
Characters: Cassie, Rob, Louisa
Summary: It's what partners do.
Timeline/Spoilers: In The Woods (pre-Operation Vestal), with some references that make more sense if you've read The Likeness.
Rating: R (language)
A/N: For rarewomen 2013.


It's Too Late to Say You're Sorry: a Cassie Maddox fanmix
trek: EW-k/u


I'm Not Here: a Rob Ryan fanmix
I've been thinking about a couple mixes for this series for a while but kept getting held up on what to make the actual subject(s). This one kept going between a more general In the Woods mix and one for Cassie/Rob so I settled on making Rob the subject, though in some places it has a more general focus.



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