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The Secret Place excerpt online
At Tana's website: http://tanafrench.com/books_the_secret_place_us.html



I'm pretty excited that Stephen has an "abrasive female partner" ;) This series needs more ladies. The style is much more spare than her usual lyricism in the excerpt (a bit of an abuse of colon usage too...) I liked how it dismissed all the usual red herring Law-and-Order type suspects in one short paragraph (the janitor, the fistfight with a friend/rival).

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Re: Spoilers!

Yesss, I am also excited about the lady cop. It’s no secret that I love all her guys, I am probably going to love Stephen as well, but she needs to write more female protagonists for sure (hopefuly, this one will be her next POV?). As for the excerpt, it left me wanting more! I kinda love how Stephen handles Holly as he would have done with Frank if he’d have wanted something from him, lol. And the little Mackey girl almost smiles, hee. I can’t wait to know more about her.

(and yeah, I’ve also noticed the change in the style? Maybe it’s just this bit or maybe it’s that Stephen is less… lyrical than her previous detectives? lol. It’s also going to be interesting how this novel deviates a bit from Tana’s usual format and introduces alternative POVs, or at least that’s what I've heard).

Re: Spoilers!

I liked the approach with Holly too and that it stemmed from knowing how Frank operates.

Oh alternative POVs, huh? That could be good. And yeah, actually I think the last few have been a lot more terse in style too as a function of the main characters' perspectives.

I've been pretty excited about getting some further development of Holly Mackey ever since the synopsis first came out, and the excerpt makes me all the more curious about her. Also agreeing that the style feels very different, but she does change voices somewhat from book to book; I would be very surprised if there's absolutely none of her usual lyricism to be found in the whole novel, though.

And the rumors about alternating POVs is very intriguing...I heard about that somewhere but I'd forgotten about it.


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