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Nice article about French/Broken Harbo(u)r in The Independent

The description of Broken Harbour has a lot of similarity with In the Woods, no? With the half-developed ghost estate reminiscent of the dig site in Knocknaree, and the crime being about a family, and it stirring up memories of Kennedy's own dark past? Maybe a little of Faithful Place too.

While the details of the old Knocknaree tragedy are consistently part of the advertising for In the Woods, the blurbs going around for this book are very vague about what happened in Scorcher's past, and I'm curious. The themes do feel like familiar ground; it should be interesting to see how it's handled with such a different character.

Thanks for the link! I am really curious to see how she fleshes out Scorcher because I can't say I was his biggest fan in Faithful Place, hee. The novel seems to continue some of her themes --it seems to me this is going to be mostly about family. And the murder case looks quite disturbing, which I kind of love.


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