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~Regarding rereads
Just to let you guys know, I would still love to do a discussion on The Likeness and it seemed other people liked the idea too. But I figured we might like a bit of a hiatus, and with French's new novel coming out soon (or is it already out for some people?) some of us might get low on reading time and with any luck we could end up getting some new fans, so I might wait until early August(ish)?

I wanted to ask if other people would be interested in hosting some of the discussion posts this time. If so I could make a sign-up post with groups of chapters so people could claim weeks they'd like to do. You can take cues from the past reread posts but I would be okay with pretty much any format as long as the post is more or less specific to the chapters we'd be on and opens up some kind of discussion. Any yay/nay/other input?

I'm happy to help out! If I have a hard deadline that's good, otherwise I will lag on the re-reading part!

I struck up a discussion with Trish of Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin? book blog. She's a huge fan of Tana's and The Likeness especially, so I pointed her to our (fairly awesome IMO) in-depth discussion of In the Woods and let her know we'll be doing The Likeness next. Hopefully she'll come by to check it out and take part!

I'd love to discuss The Likeness with you guys, especially after the ITW reread :) And a hiatus sounds fine to me --my copy of Broken Harbour should arrive in a few days, yay!.

I'll be glad to help, too (though I'll be on holidays in August and I am not sure if I'll have internet access!).


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