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The Likeness reread [sign-up post!]
Sorry for the late announcement, guys: We'll be kicking off the weekly discussion for The Likeness on Aug. 15 Sep. 12. If people would still be willing to lead off on discussion days, I've compiled a list of the chapters you can sign up for. Since our participation is limited you are obviously allowed/encouraged to sign up for more than one day. Just leave a comment with the day(s) you would like and I'll put you on the schedule.

Discussion posts can be done as whatever format/activity you want to come up with; the only requirement is that you make it specifically focused on the chapters for that day (You may want to browse through the tag for the previous discussion posts we had just to get a feel for them). You are welcome to bring up discussion related to later chapters as long as you warn for spoilers (outside of a cut or at the beginning of your comment, etc.)

Sep. 12 (chapters 1-3) [callmeonetrack]

Sep. 19 (chapters 4-7)

Sep. 26 (chapters 8-10)

Oct. 3 (chapters 11-14)

Oct. 10 (chapters 15-18)

Oct. 17 (chapters 19-22) [cosetteferaud]

Oct. 24 (chapters 23-26) [callmeonetrack]


I’ll be glad to help out, L. The thing is that I am leaving on vacation in two weeks or so and I am not sure if I’ll have internet access there –except, that is, for the crappy mobile phone connection. It’s useful but doesn’t let me post a thing. So, IDK, I could possibly do a couple of days in September? Maybe Sep. 12 and Sep. 26? (I am not sure if I’ll be at home the third week of September either with the BF moving to UK). What do you think?

(also, where are all the people? lol It’s going to be only you and me? (plus Tara, maybe?) I am perfectly fine with it, but the more, the merrier of course (The ITW discussion was pretty awesome IMO). Maybe we should do some promotion somewhere? #BookFandomFrustration)

I was thinking of promoting the comm again specifically for the reread, but maybe closer to when it will actually start. Maybe we'll get more, but who knows. #bookfandomproblems indeed, lol.

And did you want those September days? I'm assuming you wanna wait now that the dates have been moved.

I know, I know, for whatever reason book discussions are not exactly the most popular thing on the internets, lol (though I am pretty excited to reread this one. It’s been a while since I last picked it and it gives me all the feeeels!).

I’ll take one day in September (Sep. 26?) and another in October (Oct. 17?) if it works for you.

(And completely OT, but I finally saw Prometheus last weekend and gotta say that the more I see Noomi, the more she fits into my mental image of Cassie, heh).

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Went ahead and put you on the schedule for those days, you can just let me know if anything comes up.

I know, the more I think about the Noomi casting the more I love it. Even beyond the aesthetic fit I think she could play her very well (assuming her nationality wasn't a problem *shrug*).

I'd like to sign up - the thing is, I'm still studying. I don't know what days I'll have extra homework, etc, coming up. Is there anyway I can still participate? I know I'll be free Oct 10.

I can go ahead and put you on the schedule for Oct. 10 if you want - If you end up under a pile of work you can just let me know a little bit in advance and I'll take over. Of course if you're not leading the discussion the posts are pretty latecomer-friendly; a few of us are on pretty different clocks as it is :)

Works for me! Thanks!
... Can I see the other posts if I'm - latecoming - so to speak?

Oh, sure. You can browse through the first book discussion we had (the entries are all in the tag) just to see how it's gone in the past.

I'll kick us off and close us up if you like! First and last weeks?

You're on the schedule :)


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