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"I'd really like to get back to Rob and Cassie. I miss them."
OMG !! This quote from Tana's podcast Q&A/reading at a recent tour stop made me soooo happy. Especially the fact that she said them TOGETHER. Let's all pray she gets some ideas!! And she also talks about whether or not she'll ever tell us what happened "In the Woods". ;)  (It's a long recording--she talks about that stuff around the 25 minute mark I think.)


Also can we talk about Broken Harbor now? This will get a bit spoilery but...

I was so disappointed. I just didn't connect to Mick really and I felt like I kept waiting for something to happen or fall together that...just never really did. I had trouble believing, even though the harrowing nature of growing insanity clearly connected with his mother and sister for him, that he would get so passionate that he'd toss his whole career out the window after so many years of probably compartmentalizing? His insistence on Pat's innocence felt a bit forced and too much for me.

And even Richie, green as he was, it seemed unlikely (though a bit more believable on his part) that he too would hide evidence!! to protect Jenny. It made me feel like they were both really bad cops actually. And yet, I was still really so sad and kinda angry at Mick for not sticking up for Richie at the end there and keeping him from being thrown back into the pool. :(

This book had so many parallel themes and setups to In the Woods I felt, namely in a) their burgeoning partnership and how it worked and their trust and isolation within it/the greater police department; and b)the way his childhood trauma slowly makes Mick unravel and throws his life into chaos and the issues of memory surrounding the childhood events.

But it didn't have any of the beautiful prose rhythms or introspection that made her other books (even Faithful Place, and one can argue Frank is much closer to Mick's temperament than Rob or Cassie certainly) so memorable. I closed this one wanting and expecting a lot more sadly.

I think I liked it more than you did, hee. It’s my least favorite of Tana’s books, but I guess that’s mainly because I couldn’t connect with Scorcher at all. It’s not that I found him unsympathetic, exactly, but his voice was less compelling than her previous narrators and, of course, I really missed all the introspection and poetry.

As for the plot in itself (SPOILERS AHEAD) I struggled quite a lot with Jenny and Pat’s situation… It didn’t quite ring true to me that two steady people like the Spains could experience a psychotic break like that. And I do get they were under a lot of stress and completely isolated and that this can certainly be a trigger for your brain to start disintegrating, but to the point of killing your children? IDK. Rationally, it felt a bit too forced (and extreme, as you say) for me, but at the same time I thought the last part of the book was really well done, so I guess I could suspend my disbelief and be with with how the events eventually unfolded (I adore Tana and she definitely excels in characterization and writing style, but I believe plot has never been her strong suit, and here it shows a little, I think).

Also, I was really sad for Richie (I liked him more than Scorcher and I enjoyed their bromance), but what I didn’t understand is why he slept with Mick’s sister knowing that she was someone really close to him.

Anyway, my least favorite but still a good, compelling mystery –definitely better than most of the stuff I read!

Yeah that's pretty much all the things I felt as well. The more I think about it, the more disappointed I am sadly. I said at the end of my Good Reads summary that it's still quite good, because her worst is so much better than most people's best, but this one was certainly my least favorite. Sigh.

OH *flails* I wonder if this is the same Q&A somebody was talking about on Tumblr (I was just squeeing about it on my journal) which I was totally thinking I'd kill to actually have been able to listen to. *BOWS TO TARA*
It's of course great to know she's still thinking about Rob and Cassie.

It's a good listen! Very long. I have her fan page "liked" on Facebook and that is where I saw the podcast link. Just FYI.

Oh thanks, I should go check out the Facebook page. I'm more likely to favorite individual books and then I don't really get the updates :/


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