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The Likeness discussion [ch. 11-14]
Participation has been down for the reread in the last couple weeks and I've got some stuff going on today, so I'm making it a lazy discussion post this week, sorry :/ I'll make one or two comments about the chapters for this week and hopefully if other people are coming along we can just bounce off each other's comments on anything that stood out to us.

I think Daniel is my favorite. It makes me so sad, knowing what's coming, how he seems to brighten up a little every time Cassie passes a test (like with the onions) because he's actually considering she might not be Lexie.

The whole incident with the rock going through the window and Cassie beating the guy up with Daniel and Rafe is such an awesome way of showing how far invested Cassie is with the house and everything (not just that, but the intensity of her anger about Rob obviously comes through in that scene - ugh). And I love how she gets the guys to egg on the intruder by saying all that snobby stuff. But man, Frank had every reason to be pissed. Even before that event you can feel a lot of tension and dishonesty building up between Cassie and Frank, and half of the time I don't think he buys that she's staying emotionally neutral.


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