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I did a couple semi-silly trope fics for a meme...

Title: A Very Short Engagement
Pairing: Cassie/Rob
Note: For the prompt "pretending to be married"; it went into pretend engagement. There are only a couple contexts in which I could see this happening and I sorta went for the more unlikely one.
Timeline/Spoilers: AU off of Cassie's UCD undercover days.
Rating: PG-13

Title: Because You Asked So Nicely
Characters: Cassie & Rob
Note: For the prompt "truth or dare."
Timeline/Spoilers: Pre-Op. Vestal, probably relatively soon after they met.
Rating: PG-13

Both are @ this post.

The Likeness discussion [ch. 11-14]
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Participation has been down for the reread in the last couple weeks and I've got some stuff going on today, so I'm making it a lazy discussion post this week, sorry :/ I'll make one or two comments about the chapters for this week and hopefully if other people are coming along we can just bounce off each other's comments on anything that stood out to us.

The Likeness discussion [chapters 8-10]
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Next week we'll cover chapters 11-14 :)

The Likeness discussion [ch. 4-7]
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Next week we'll cover chapters 8-10.

Discussion: The Likeness (Chapters 1-3)
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So sorry this is a day late (hopefully not a dollar short) everyone! We'll be discussing roughly 3-4 chapters each week on Wednesdays between now and October 24th (see the schedule here).

Summary of Chapters 1-3

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Discussion Questions

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"I'd really like to get back to Rob and Cassie. I miss them."
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OMG !! This quote from Tana's podcast Q&A/reading at a recent tour stop made me soooo happy. Especially the fact that she said them TOGETHER. Let's all pray she gets some ideas!! And she also talks about whether or not she'll ever tell us what happened "In the Woods". ;)  (It's a long recording--she talks about that stuff around the 25 minute mark I think.)


reread update...
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We are indeed moving the Likeness discussion to start on Sep. 12 and I have updated the sign-up post, which will stay open until then. Let me know if you have any questions.

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It's come to my attention that the timing of our Likeness reread may not be so good? In the past we've continued to have a good amount of discussion for weeks after the posts get put up, but sometimes it is less fun to be a latecomer, so I'm contemplating pushing it back a bit.

Should we move our discussion on The Likeness?

No, start it mid-August.
Yes, by a couple weeks (starting on Aug. 29).
Yes, by a month (starting Sep. 12).
Yes, by more than that.
We should move it a week forward instead of back (Aug. 8).
Something else I will tell you in a comment.

The Likeness reread [sign-up post!]
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Sorry for the late announcement, guys: We'll be kicking off the weekly discussion for The Likeness on Aug. 15 Sep. 12. If people would still be willing to lead off on discussion days, I've compiled a list of the chapters you can sign up for. Since our participation is limited you are obviously allowed/encouraged to sign up for more than one day. Just leave a comment with the day(s) you would like and I'll put you on the schedule.

Discussion posts can be done as whatever format/activity you want to come up with; the only requirement is that you make it specifically focused on the chapters for that day (You may want to browse through the tag for the previous discussion posts we had just to get a feel for them). You are welcome to bring up discussion related to later chapters as long as you warn for spoilers (outside of a cut or at the beginning of your comment, etc.)

Sep. 12 (chapters 1-3) [callmeonetrack]

Sep. 19 (chapters 4-7)

Sep. 26 (chapters 8-10)

Oct. 3 (chapters 11-14)

Oct. 10 (chapters 15-18)

Oct. 17 (chapters 19-22) [cosetteferaud]

Oct. 24 (chapters 23-26) [callmeonetrack]


5 Writing Tips from Tana French
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I’m still very much in the apprentice stage of writing. I read somewhere that you need to write a million words before you know what you’re doing – so I’m headed that way, but I’m nowhere near there. But, for what they’re worth, here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way.
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-from Publishers Weekly


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